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  • Element Steam Boilers, Boiler, Industrial Boilers, Hot

    There are many different types of steam and hot water boilers. Low-pressure steam boilers are limited to 15 psig and are predominantly used in common heating practices such as comfort heating. High-pressure boilers are used for more intense applications and can have up to 1000 psig. Electric boilers are extremely popular as they are considered the most efficient method of heating water or steam and …Learn More

  • Boiler Heaters - Wattco

    The water heater element is a metal rod that heats the water within the water heater canister. The metal rod becomes hot by using electricity, which causes the surrounding water to become heated. Most heater elements are made from either metal or ceramic material. A ceramic water heater element is more efficient then a metal unit.Learn More

  • Servicing Aqua-Hot Heating Systems

    A hydronic heating system utilizes a diesel burner and an electric heating element to heat a boiler, that then circulates boiler antifreeze throughout various zones within the coach to provide heating via small heat exchangers. In addition domestic hot water heating needs are also met by the hydronic heating …Learn More